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Am/Can OTCh Brush Run's Have Mercy On Me, UDX4, JH, WC, Can-CDX, ASCA-UD



Show Record


Mercy winning her JH Title.

Mercy is my second Golden, and my second Obedience Trial Champion. She is by the same father as Ollie. The breeder called me and told me of this litter and insisted I come to "see the puppies". Well I came home with a little ball of 7 week old fur. At that time I had 4 other dogs, and I felt 5 was going to be too much. I asked the Lord to "have mercy on me" for getting this puppy, and low and behold she had a name. Brush Run's Have Mercy On Me.

Well the lord certainly did. I feel blessed everyday because of this dog. Mercy is the most "honest" working dog I have ever come across. She will work her heart out for me, and keep giving. She is always happy and eager. In fact I wish I found everything as wonderful as Mercy does. She has never met a stranger, and has a fan following at the shows.

Mercy finished her Obedience Trial Championship in grand style. It was at Louisville Dog Training Club, spring of 1998, under Judge Karen Hertzog. Mercy received 1st place with a 198 from Open B with 47 competitors. Mercy had a wonderful year in 1998 as she received 10 High In Trials and 9 High Combines.

Along with the Obedience Championship in 1998, Mercy obtained many of her other titles that year-- Junior Hunter Title, ASCA-Utility Degree, and her Working Certificate. She is a once in  a lifetime dog. I am very lucky to have the "lightning strike twice" for me.

Mercy has competed in the Cycle Championships, and in the World Series Tournaments. She has multiple placements in both. Mercy also has received the "Jack Godsil Award", for earning a "perfect score" at the Cycle Regional in 1996 from the Open Class.

Mercy is also a Narcotics Detector dog for Northern Ky Drug Dog Coalition. She is the only Golden Retriever to have made the team.

She was owner/handler trained and worked. I have to admit-Mercy makes me look good. She has the speed, willingness and accuracy, all in one package. I am proud to say I am still showing Mercy and will bring her out on a regular basis in the fall. I have to say showing Mercy is like being on an Amusement Park Ride, I just hang on and enjoy the excitement. If I had my way "this ride would NEVER stop".


Amy Schlanser       
Cincinnati, OH
Business: (513) 385-3135     Cell: (513) 520-0456

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