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U-OCh Par's Hanna Banana Bo Bana UD, OA, NAJ

Hanna Goes Bananas
with a New UD
hanna.jpg (7919 bytes)

“Hanna Banana”

Hanna goes Banana's with a United Kennel Club Obedience Trail Championship

At the Hamilton Dog Training Club UKC Trail in April 2004. Hanna is only the second dog in the Louisville Kennel Club to earn this title. The first dog was John's Border Collie "Noli". Good Luck to John and Hanna as they go for the United Kennel Club "Grand Obedience Trail Obedience Trial Championship".

Many thanks to those involved:

Owner/Trainer/Handler: John Fowler
Breeder: Amy Schlanser-Ewald
Instructor: Marilyn Donlon-Higgins

Amy Schlanser       
Cincinnati, OH
Business: (513) 385-3135     Cell: (513) 520-0456

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