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Par's Song Of The South

Dixie with her ear-resistible charming look 3/4/00 (the ears came up 1 week after this picture)

The first little bundle of joy was born at 3:30am.  Dixie has really been a joy to have.  She is very quick to learn things.  She thinks the game of “chasing her tail” was invented for her.

She has a wonderful retrieve drive, and is very willing to carry anything around in her mouth.  She will pick up any type of article, metal, cloth, plastic, heavy or light.  She has the natural instinct to return to me “fast” when she is called or when she is sent for a retrieve.  She has started her “Narcotics” work, and thinks this “Hide and Seek” game is a ton of fun.  The very special thing about Dixie, is the way she wants to interact with me.  She is a mama’s girl, and will bring me things to play with all day long.   She has assimilated into our family of 4 Golden Retrievers, 2 German Shepherds, and 3 Cats.  She is a well behaved baby when we go out, which makes her a joy to take anywhere.  She is my buddy and my pal.  I take Dixie to work with me and she is always willing to run errands with me.

Dixie will be going to her new 18 acre home over Memorial Day weekend.  Dixie’s new owner’s name is Diane Brown.  We are very excited about Diane being Dixie’s new mom.  Diane is going to continue with Dixie’s Obedience and Agility training.  Diane hopes to compete in Obedience trials and show in Agility as well.  Good luck to Diane.  And thank you for giving my Dixie such a wonderful home.
Dixie with her favorite “Monkey Man”3/4/00"



Dixie's Training Pictures


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