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Par's Bubble Bubble Toile In Trouble CD

Bubble came to me on January 1st 2008,  when she was 3 months old. She was turned in to the Clermont County Animal Shelter just 2 weeks before Christmas along with a cat. Her family went out of town for the Holidays. Border Collie Bubbles classic formA friend of mine saved her after she was being picked on at the shelter. She had hopes for her as a prospect for an up and coming "Frisbee dog", the only thing is she had trouble "catching anything".  When I laid my eyes on her she was my girl at first sight. It took me 6 months to teach her to catch, and she has been catching things ever since. Soon I will have a video of her doing a flying catch with a Frisbee. BTW: the kitty was adopted too.

Border Collie Bubbles going for a ride...I have great hopes for  her show career as she knows many tricks, and catches on very quickly. She is very social, and has a great time trying to please me anyway she can.  

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Amy Schlanser       
Cincinnati, OH
Business: (513) 385-3135     Cell: (513) 520-0456

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