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Vietenstein Par von Azzuro


OFA-Good Elbows Passed, and Cardiac Clearances

Addi is 4 years old.  She has a very sound temperament, and is very confident and outgoing. Her strongest attribute, is her nose. Addi is a Narcotic's Dog with the Northern Kentucky Drug Dog Coalition. Addi and Amy (her owner/trainer/handler) are the only Civilian team in the group. Addi’s ability to locate her finds are truly a wonderful sight to see. Addi has a wonderful independent working attitude, yet she knows she is part of a team.  In the 4 years Amy and Addi have been a team, it has been Addi’s instinctive ability for the searches, that makes the team shine. 

Addi was ready to be shown for her TD, when she came in season early this spring.  Amy was faced with a choice of showing or breeding. The choice was for puppies.  Unfortunately trouble came upon us and the litter was lost during a C-Section.  I was planning to obtain her TD this fall but again am choosing to breed and go for puppies.  Addi will be shown for her AKC-CD, and TD in the spring.

Amy Schlanser       
Cincinnati, OH
Business: (513) 385-3135     Cell: (513) 520-0456

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