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Amy Schlanser-Ewald and crew 2011

Amy Schlanser

I am an RN by Profession, and a Dog/Animal Trainer by Obsession. I work at the Veteran's Hospital in Cincinnati. The hours are long but it is an honor to be serving our veterans. By the time I get home, I am really ready to spend time with my animals. I currently have 1 cat, 3 Golden Retrievers, and a very vivacious Border Collie, named "Bubble". Yes believe it or not, I do find time to do some trail riding with my bicycle, and LOVE to take the dogs with me. A well trained dog is such a joy to have around, and this is my main objective with training dogs.

I always been active with showing and training animals. The knowledge of the animals mind has been a fascination to me. I grew up on a farm in Southern Ohio in Cincinnati, and after 50 years we still have the family farm.

As a child, and teenager I showed Cattle and Horses in 4-H. I also showed Sheep for other people ("sheep Handler"?) and showed horses well after being out of 4-H. I still ride and try to keep active with the horses, but spend most of my spare time training and showing my dogs.

I have accomplished many of my goals with the dogs, yet I continue to set more goals. I have earned MULTIPLE High In Trials, MULTIPLE High Combines, and Multiple Obedience Trial Champions. I am proud to say so far every dog I have shown has earned 2 or more High In Trials.

I am active in Obedience, Agility, and Field work. Yet I dabble in Tracking. I believe dogs should have the opportunity to do what they have been breed to do, so I will be introduced to Herding soon. I have so far to date, have been the only "Civilian" Trainer/Handler/Instructor for a local Narcotics Detector K-9 Unit here in Northern Kentucky. My unique style and approach to training dogs has been sought after by many competition trainers, and by many local Law Enforcement Agencies, to improve training and handlers in the areas of K-9 Behavior Modification Alternative Training Techniques, and Handling skills.

I began showing my own dogs 1982, I starting with a German Shepherd that earned me my first UD, and the titles keep coming. I have a passion for showing, and have earned multiple Advanced Obedience titles in the US, and in Canada. I have earned 3 Obedience Trial Championships (working on my 4th), with numerous National and International Rankings and recognitions.

I have handled my own dogs and am actively handling clients dogs in the breed ring.

This is the experience that is brought to you by Par's Dog Training/Golden Retrievers. Always growing and always improving!!

Training is not hard - it just takes time and a sense of humor doesn't hurt !!

Amy Schlanser                 otch200@sprynet.com
Cincinnati, OH
Business: (513) 385-3135     Cell: (513) 520-0456

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